Setting the Scene in Kennesaw

posted by tucker

Another one from the wedding I recently shot in Kennesaw, GA as a second photographer for David Murray, this shot was taken from under the roof of the newlyweds’  poolhouse. I am still editing my favorite shots from this shoot, but this came out ok, especially due to the high contrast nature of the scene, with indoor and outdoor lighting. A lot of initial Photoshop work went into making this shot come out. More details will be posted in our upcoming HDR tutorial, but if you haven’t played around with Photoshop’s RAW Converter it is worth your time; the “Recovery” and “Fill Light” sliders are nearly magical in their ability to transform an HDR image due to their ability to really bring out detail in the highlights and shadows in your bracketed images before they go into the HDR program. All of this will be explained as soon as we finish our tutorial, and once we do it will be linked all over so you can learn more about how to make these images.

Looking back, this one could really have benefitted from a 5 shot, ±4 stop bracket.

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