Hiding in the Tall Grass

posted by giacomo

One day while shooting (once again) at Freedom Parkway, I ventured down into the tall grass with Tucker’s camera and wide angle to set up this little shot to see what I could make happen. Although it may seem it would be impossible to focus since the camera would have to have been on the ground, the fact that the tall grass was almost up to my shoulders meant the tripod was actually at half height. Tucker didn’t dare venture into the veritable mire of tall sharp grass, hidden rocks, and general terror incognita below the bike path, but didn’t hesitate to rush me to finish up the shot so he could get some other shots before his battery died/the light disappeared. Due to my perfectionism (incompetency – I didn’t turn bracketing on and kept wondering “WHY IS THIS ONLY TAKING 1 PIC?!?”) it took longer than expected and if I remember correctly I may have in fact have drained his battery completely…Oh well. Here’s 2 of the pictures I got out of it. One of them focuses on the grass, the other on the tower. Which one do you prefer? and why?

Focus is on the tall grass, with a more vibrant and dreamlike sky

Focus is on the radio tower, with a more normal tone

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