Krog Street Conversion

posted by tucker

As is the case with many areas of Atlanta, the old industrial complex on Krog street in midtown has been converted into an urban center, housing many independent businesses and people. The midsection of this particular location has been stripped of the upper two floors, and all that remains hanging over the verdant, airy interior is a skeleton of what used to be. There were so many angles in here that Giacomo and I shot until we lost the light and felt like we’d just gotten started… and it had been an hour or two! He took some great details with his 85mm 1.8, and I attacked the wide angles with my, well, wide angle. I know not just a few people who seem to dislike the distortion that these ultra-wide focal lengths, especially on full frame, can create, but I happen to think it adds character to the shot; I’d sacrifice a bit of distortion to fit all of that in the frame in a heartbeat.

The Skeleton of the upper two floors in the revamped Krog Street complex

Also… if you are returning to the site you may have noticed the new header! Not to knock Giacomo’s awesome work that was there before, but I am in the process of finding a plugin that will let me change the image every time the site is refreshed, and I made this new one just to check it out. It is a crop of an HDR that will someday end up in one of my posts… for now, it makes a nice header and shows off a rare nice sunset in the city that we are all three tied to, even if we are not physically all here.

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