Kaikoura Panorama

posted by giacomo


The day after arriving in New Zealand (it feels like just a few days ago-it’s been over a month!) Andrew and I got up early to go on a boat ride, but first we went out to the beach in front of our hotel and I shot a panorama with his camera. The view from the east coast of the south island, from the Kaikoura peninsula where we were, was pretty much amazing, and I tried to capture it with this picture. I lack Andrew’s finesse in processing these HDR panoramas, so it took me a while to get it into good shape. Now that I know how, I want to do more!!! Argh. Unfortunately I’m on my way back to Atlanta now, so I may not have a huge amount of picture opportunities in the near future. Fortunately, Andrew, Tucker, and I just got done with a trip to Yosemite, and I have some pictures from my trip to Australia, and Andrew also has been around to several other national parks, so we should have some serious HDRs in the pipe.


The beach wasn't actually so curvy, the panorama just distorts perspective some.


3 Responses to “Kaikoura Panorama”

  1. Tim Elley says:

    Hi Giacomo,

    Love the photo – Kaikoura is a beautiful spot (we have just started building a bach there!). A little pedantic I know, but I thought I would point out that Kaikoura is actually on the East Coast, not the West ๐Ÿ™‚


    • giacomo says:

      Wow…My bad. I sat down and though about which direction it was, too. Fixed it. Guess I got turned around cuz I was in the southern hemisphere. Thanks!

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