Wellington Sunset – Mt. Victoria

posted by andrew

Well, this past week on the North Island was nothing short of awesome. The sun sure did a lot of shining despite rain being forecast for the entire island for an entire week… just goes to show how completely unpredictable New Zealand’s island climate can be when it comes to weather. Our road trip ended in Wellington, right at the southern end of the North Island. By far my favorite city in NZ so far, Wellington has an awesome vibe that strikes a really nice balance between hardcore city life (it’s the nation’s capital after all) and natural beauty. I was particularly impressed by the Botanical Gardens, accessible from the immediate downtown area by a 5 minute ride on a vintage cable car. In fact, I straight up fell asleep for the better part of an hour when we sat down to relax in a grassy clearing on our walk through the garden back down to the city. And, there’s no way I could write this travel blurb on Wellington without mentioning the amazing “Zealandia” habitat only 15 minutes out of downtown. It’s an incredibly ambitious attempt to restore a large section of land (an entire valley actually) back to the original tropical rainforest environment it was before humans first came to the area, involving the placement of dozens of endangered species back into the valley and a careful attention to guiding the flora back to prime condition. I only had an hour and a half there but could have easily spent the whole day.

At any rate, after Zealandia closed at 5 o’clock I went across town up to the top of Mt. Victoria to catch the sunset…

Very windy up here. I think I read something about Wellington being the windiest city in the southern hemisphere: Wellington, New Zealand

11 Responses to “Wellington Sunset – Mt. Victoria”

  1. Perry says:

    Did use use a filter on this shot?

    • andrew says:

      no filters were used, but HDR processing can often perform (some) of the same tasks that filters do. for example, instead of a gradual neutral density filter to taper off the sky’s light, the range of exposures allows a bunch of light to come from the city without having the sky blow out.

  2. Perry says:

    I’ve done some hdr myself, yours look really cool.

    Are you using photomatix pro?

    • andrew says:

      yes – photomatix pro is excellent, much more thorough than photoshop’s hdr capabilities or any of the other programs i’ve seen.

      thanks for the compliment, i’m really glad you like what our site has to offer!

  3. Colin Sorensen says:

    I understand that these images may not be used for commercial purposes. My girlfriend and I just spent five months in Wellington (we were studying abroad at Vic while you were at U-Otago) and I would like to get this image on a canvas for her. Obviously, I could use one of our photos, but none compare to this. It’s absolutely stunning!

    I felt it better to ask for permission, just in case you were really protective of your photography.

    Thanks for your reply!


  4. andrew says:

    hey colin – thanks for the kind words on the image, wellington was absolutely my favorite city from NZ. as for your canvas idea, go for it. the jpeg attached here is full resolution and i’d love to see a photo of your finished canvas just out of curiosity. thanks!

  5. AMNeSia says:

    Excellent image. The blue all over the place gives a nice “cool” look to it. Are there more images with the “cool blue” look? This is an image from Trey Ratcliff’s site which you recommended: http://stuckincustoms.smugmug.com/Portfolio-The-Best/your-favorites/10668747_AuyBk#!i=742619149&k=CYkrj&lb=1&s=A

    It has a real “cool” feel to it, so was wondering if you got any.

    As always, keep up the work which has just one word to describe it – beautiful.

    • andrew says:

      hey there — i know what you mean about the blue. that glacial image you linked certainly embodies cold color temperature… i’m planning on going through more old stuff from new zealand soon and i think there’s a lot of unposted snowy material so i will keep my eye out.

      in recent conversations, we have also chosen to adopt a more frequent and more predictable posting schedule — stay tuned!

  6. Alexander Bittner says:

    Hello and great shot.
    I found your shot perfect for my blender scene an want to ask for your permission to use it as a scene Background for 2 competitions.
    I also think about a portfolio where i woud use the same scene.




    Of course you will be mentiond as the artist of this shot with name and link to it.