On Set HDR

posted by giacomo

I’ve been busy, and I will continue to be in the coming weeks, working on several film projects that some of my friends are doing. Although I too frequently have my hands full on set, sometimes I can find the time to get a few brackets in between scenes. As Andrew has said before, it’s fun to take pictures on set. I think so because firstly there is plenty of light around, but secondly and more interestingly, I like seeing how video lighting and photo lighting are different. Maybe its because I’m not taking pictures from the perspective of the camera shooting video (I like the more “behind the scenes” type stuff) but either way I think its cool seeing where all the light comes from and how it strikes things that were not intentionally lit.

This particular location we were shooting at was plain freaking awesome, and you wouldn’t have expected it at all either. The house from the outside looks like a standard 1-floor square house, but once you take a look at the landscape you see that (like most of Atlanta) the house is draped over a steep hill. Thus, to keep the first floor level, the house sits on a tall oddly shaped basement. The dirt floor followed the contour of the hill, sloping upward steeply to the front of the house and giving us a very cool cave-like set for our film. The basement also contained a seemingly random assortment of completely indecipherable items dating from the early 1900s. I also felt like trying out some B&W HDR on this first picture, just to see what it would look like.


That mass of dangling arms on the left side of the picture turned out to be a seriously old school hair curler, which we only found out by looking up the patent number on it. If I remember correctly, it was made in 1906!


There was also this random pipe outlet in the wall, maybe part of some old ventilation system? Who knows...



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