Dunedin Farmers Market

posted by andrew

Every Saturday morning, the parking lot at the train station turns into a bustle of kiwi locals scrambling for the freshest produce to come to market. There are stands that sell everything from cuts of meat to fresh apricots and blackberries. There’s even a place that will prepare you a fresh French crepe for breakfast! I went last week as well but the weather was fairly bad… this past Saturday though, the sun peeked through the clouds in a few places and made for a rather fun scene.


The mood is fun and laidback and the atmosphere nothing short of welcoming. The kids running around the tree and the man with the girl on his shoulder are right at home here: Dunedin, New Zealand

2 Responses to “Dunedin Farmers Market”

  1. Caryn Esplin says:

    I love this shot. You have a great vantage point. It give us the birdseye view. This image tells so many stories and I want to look at a long time. I love HDR, but I am curious how you get your people to look so good without ghosting? Is this a bracketed three-shot HDR, or a one-shot HDR? Nice work!

    • andrew says:

      thanks! it is a bracketed 3 shot but the ghosted elements (the kids running around the tree for example) can be dealt with by using photoshop to mask in pieces of the shot with the fastest shutter speed and using levels or curves to match their brightness/contrast/color etc. to the rest of the scene. we’ll be doing a tutorial on this soon so check back in a bit!