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posted by tucker

We finally got around to making a Facebook page for our site! The 3 of us will continually update and check it and we hope it can be a place for people to feel comfortable commenting, contributing, critiquing, whatever… we just want to interact with our friends and those who read our blog and like our work. You can use the right-hand sidebar object to like us, or you head on over to TAG’s Facebook page to check it out!

I’ve got a bunch more material and a lot of it is half-processed but have no fear, many more updates are in the future! I spent my free time today working on the Facebook page but hopefully soon I’ll be able to put up some new content.

*All that time I spent adding captions to my picture? Down the drain… Facebook decided I didn’t need captions so it just deleted everything I’d done. The pictures are still there, but all of the links back to the site are gone. I’ll fix that ASAP but it is a pain to go and find each one…

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