HDR Panorama!

posted by tucker

In keeping with the idea of branching out from the norm, I’ll follow up the HDR video from Andrew with an HDR panorama. I know Giacomo recently posted a shot from this same day, but I  wanted to try my hands at processing a panorama with the added twist that each segment of it was an HDR shot and this is the only one that I’ve shot so I was stuck with it. This is the same old skyline, nothing special about the shot really, but it was one of those rare days with really dramatic skies that makes the picture worth taking, and the texture and type of clouds was so varied that it actually justified doing the whole pan! I hope to find a more suitable location soon, one that will really lend itself to something like this… if I could get closer to the city perhaps? Definitely something I am keeping in mind. This is composed of 4 separate HDR images stitched together, which really wasn’t too difficult because the lighting was fairly even and I’d zoomed in to 24mm to help minimize distortion from the 16-35mm. This is probably one that you’ll want to click through to the full-resolution image just to zoom around and see it, well, bigger!

We honestly only have a few days like this every year in Atlanta; skies like this are "just" average in places like Maine.

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