Snowmageddon 2011

posted by giacomo

So it may not be a big deal for the northern half of the country, but 6 inches of snow is bad news for Atlanta. The city has been shut down since Sunday night and the roads were largely impassable until yesterday. I saw on the news a trucker from Chicago who was stuck on the highway for 29 hours in the ice who said “Back home this wouldn’t have been such a big deal…” True. Atlanta has absolutely no infrastructure for dealing with snow and thus it has largely remained where it fell and then frozen there. Tucker, Andrew, and I finally got out yesterday when it warmed up enough for us not to die while waiting for a bracket, so we tried to shoot some pictures of the sunset from on top of a nearby parking deck.

Of course we had the eternal problem of "Oh that sunset looks beautiful, let's go take pictures," then by the time we get there it's almost gone...

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