Main Street during the holidays…

posted by andrew

The Magic Kingdom is packed around New Years, at capacity, in fact. It is so full that even if you have the Park Hopper ticket to be able to roam about any of the parks for a day they will warn you up front that if you leave the Magic Kingdom at any point, you might not be allowed back in due to capacity. Of course, as 2010’s time came closer and closer to an end, this outright mob clustered up on Main Street and the central hub in front of the castle to get ready for the fireworks. The sun sets early these days and though this bracket was only taken at about 3:30pm, this congestion was already starting to build. Actually, I got to my spot to shoot the final New Years fireworks show at around 6:30 or so, fully expecting to stand and guard the location for the next 6 hours. I was shocked to find that there were eight people around me who had gotten their spots up to 3 hours before me. When 2011 finally rolled around it was well worth the wait though and I can’t wait to post some of the amazing things I saw from my nook at the Main Street train station… until then, though, enjoy Main Street at dusk.

In taking this bracket, my tripod was in a position where I could not extend its third leg. Needless to say, I'm very pleased with this two-legged-lean-against-a-post shot: Orlando, FL

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