Thanksgiving at CityWalk

posted by andrew

Certainly a unique Thanksgiving experience, I slept in later than I thought humanly possible and pretty much took a shower and went to dinner. We enjoyed a fine Thanksgiving evening at Universal CityWalk, Samba was running an all you can eat for $30 and it was excellent. I’ve never done Brazilian steakhouse before but I will definitely go again. In order, their finest offerings were the Brazilian steak, bacon-wrapped chicken, turkey, peppered steak, and tri-tip. The six other offerings were also outstanding. Movie tickets were only $6 so we decided to see whatever looked most interesting and chose the new Russell Crowe, “The Next Three Days.” Just before heading in though, I tried very carefully to handhold a few brackets of the evening lights and signs decorating the place. It’s fairly painful to deliberately notch it up to ISO 800 to shoot a bracket, but I think the results are certainly worth posting.

The fountains in front of the abandoned Abercrombie and Fitch were cooperative in helping to make the woefully underlit and frankly uninteresting walkways just a little but more appealing: Los Angeles CA

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