Hampton Court Palace

posted by tucker

I know, I know, I haven’t posted in forever… a confluence of having nothing new and no time has led to this… but I once again went back in time, to an age when RAW was a little-understood setting in the camera and chose another shot from London to post. The Hampton Court Palace and surrounding gardens was home to many figures of British royalty, most notably King Henry VIII. He expanded the palace and added some ridiculously awesome gardens including mazes, fountains, lakes, you name it… I wish I could go back there, with the 5D Mark II, a tripod, and those same clouds and shoot this again! The image quality out of the 300D is laughably poor but the single-shot HDR capability of Photomatix 4 is (and I’ll say it again) just out of this world and makes this a picture worth posting. Unlike Trey Ratcliff’s most recent completely out of focus portrait. Um anyway. Trey’s work is usually great; no idea what he thought he was doing with that one.

I have a few more shots will post, one or two from Maine, one of the stormy cloudy Atlanta skyline, and some macro stuff. The bulk of my new material will start flooding in during and after my trip to Hawaii in late December. I am heading off to Ohio soon for my grandmothers funeral, so while the circumstances are not pleasant, I will definitely bring my camera and see what happens, see if I can’t make something good out of a sad situation. I’ll be in Maine for Thanksgiving, but I don’t have high hopes for that either because snow turns really nastily grey in most shots unless you get the light just right… but who knows. It’s always better to have the camera with you than to have that feeling of “oh, man, this is totally awesome… why is my camera at home??”

All of that awesome noise, chromatic aberration, and un-sharpness makes me appreciate technological advancement and love my 5D even more. Still, great clouds are great clouds!

I thought I’d straightened this in Photoshop, but it appears tilted here. Oh well. I don’t really have the desire to fix it…. even though it is distracting…. ugh

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