Sport HDR Photography

posted by giacomo

I’ve been holding back on some of these pictures I took at the Palio because how much extra work single-shot processing generates…between exporting out, noise reduction, and my computer slowness (which crops up randomly despite the SSD I installed). Well, as you may have heard, Photomatix 4 is kind of a game changer in terms of 1-shot HDR processing. I feel like the ease of its workflow would legitimately allow for Sports HDR, with RAW format images and Photomatix’s batch processing capabilities. However, most of the single-shot HDRs I’ve processed have less of the surreal feel to them, and look more like really well lit pictures. Which is great. Most people would probably prefer just having their pictures look better without looking strange, which is now super easy. For example, it would be (nearly) impossible for me to shoot a bracket for this picture, but now I was able to process this in less the 30 minutes…

The rider from Torre dashes by

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