Knobs and Pretty Lights

posted by tucker

I was at Paul’s the other day and wanted to mess with the macro, and his rack of recording equipment seemed to be the perfect subject. This was originally meant to be paired with another HDR as a dual-screen wallpaper kinda thing, but I am still processing the other one and will post it at a later time or perhaps not at all; I’m having some pretty severe issues with it due to the long exposures (30 seconds) causing lots of light to bleed where I don’t want it. Wasn’t that much of an issue in this one, although I did do some pretty severe levels adjustments that purposely clipped my shadows to mitigate the hazy light (you can still see how the textured surface, which should be black, is slightly orange, and badly green in the bottom right. Oh well.) I hadn’t originally planned for the light stars and in fact I was going to shoot these at f/2.8 to go for a soft-focus on the knobs, but I’d left the camera on f/8 accidentally and upon seeing the results thought duh, this is awesome! So I went with it.

Paul has cool audio stuff and I have cool photography stuff, when you combine them, you get cool photographs of audio stuff.

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