Falling down the Falls

posted by giacomo

Andrew and I had originally planned to hike to North Dome our first day at Yosemite, figuring the ~8 miles wouldn’t be that bad. I mean, we could run a mile in less than 10 minutes, so walking it shouldn’t take more then a few hours, right? Wrong-o. We started hiking around 1pm because we planned to get to get there with plenty of time for sunset…but…3 hours later we were only halfway there and already flagging to say the least. Which is why we eventually decided to stop and give The Pedestal its name. Halfway there was at Yosemite point, which had a nice overlook down Yosemite falls and of course the excellent pool which Andrew and I paused at for a good few. We only really dropped by the overlook, but while there I held my camera over the edge to snap a few handheld brackets. I’ve been struggling with this picture for a while, since there was a lot about it I didn’t like, but since it is down the falls and catches some of the cool sprayinbows, I’ll put it up.

It was actually difficult for me to take this picture, because I'm pretty afraid of heights. Fortunately there was a really solid steel railing for me to cling onto for my dear life or else I wouldn't have even gotten close to the edge...

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