Return to Freedom Parkway and a Few More Updates

posted by tucker

I’ve taken more time to tweak the site, most noticeably changing the header image to one from Maine. I also added a “Random Posts” widget to the sidebar. Hopefully this will let people who are new to the site see some of our older work from earlier in the summer. The only bug I have seen with it so far is that for pictures that are not landscape-oriented, the thumbnails end up smushed. There is little I can do about this, as it only lets me set an exact size for thumbnails and not a more dynamic “fit within” like WordPress lets me do for the main blog. Ah well, it’s certainly better than nothing, and the majority of our pictures are landscape format anyway. Beyond that, I noticed that the very earliest posts, before we had this current domain name, all linked their images to files on a different server and thus were showing up as question marks. I’ve fixed this too, (although some of Andrew’s are still not properly linked and thus will show up as question marks on the blog and in the sidebar widget) and in doing so decided to take one of those images that wasn’t showing up, reprocess it, and repost it, seeing as how most of you haven’t seen it anyway! This is a particularly dramatic shot and because of this I purposely processed it fairly surrealistically in Photomatix. The result is contrasty, saturated, distorted, and cool. I don’t know what it is about that location, I think it is the combination of so many different great elements at once, the graffiti, the splitting roads, the path underneath, and of course, that awesome Atlanta skyline… and when you throw a good sky in there on top of it all, well. It’s fun to shoot!

Thunderhead, god-rays, graffiti, oozing grass, and distortion... what's not to like?

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