Updated HDR Overview and More from Maine

posted by tucker

In the spirit of tweaking things on the site, I decided to revamp the HDR overview that I’d written a while back. It’s mostly the same, giving readers who don’t know much about the process an idea of the theory behind what we are doing and why it works so well. The old image I had used for that was OK, but not great, and I decided to root through my photo library to find a bracket that really showed what HDR is for. It’s still not perfect, but way better than it was. Hopefully I will have the time to really lay out a tutorial on how to do HDR from start to finish, but that is a very time-consuming task. The image I used in the overview might look familiar as I posted one from that same night a few weeks ago. This beautiful sunset was in Rockland, Maine, and the dramatic clouds and train tracks complete the shot. This is one of those “the photo wouldn’t be remarkable at all if not for the sunset and the HDR process” images, but that doesn’t bother me as much any more because part of what makes HDR so great is that it can do just that, turn something that would otherwise not have been worth photographing into something worth looking at.

This was a great little spot and I wish I'd had more time to properly explore it with a tripod, instead of going hand-held. Still, you can always count on Maine for great sunsets.

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