Minor Site Updates and Progress

posted by tucker

No image today, unfortunately, but I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes, adding a few more desktops to the new Desktop page, and doing some tweaks to the site. Most of the time I spent making changes to the Comments system. With close to 100 visitors a day, many of whom are unique but the majority of which are returning, it would be great to have some comments on our posts! I got a tip from some one who said it would be better if a name and email weren’t required to comment. I agree with this of course, and being rather new at this whole web thing still was unaware that I could change that so easily. So, for the time being, you no longer need to do ANYTHING except write your comment and it will appear! I say for the time being because I have no idea how this will affect spam. The site has received 20 comments that have been approved as legitimate people, and over 900 that have been automatically blocked as spam, which is sad, to say the least. We will see…. I am attempting to find the balance between making it easy for actual readers to post, and at the same time keeping the spam at bay. I have also re-labeled the link at the bottom of each post; it used to read “No Comments” which is rather confusing, as it was not obvious that to comment you needed to click this. Now it is much more descriptive. I will have a new HDR to post tomorrow; I have revamped the “What is HDR? A Quick Overview” page and have a new HDR to go with it. The new page will walk you briefly through the steps that I took to create it, showing before and after images, and be a bit more in depth than it was before. I think there are still  a few more I can dig up before I am really, truly out of material and will be “forced” to stop being lazy and get out there and shoot (which can only be a good thing.)

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