Footpath near Mulholland Drive

posted by andrew

So I was digging through old material since I don’t have a ton of new stuff and I came across a handheld bracket I did near the end of May. This is a footpath at a turnout about a mile further up the road from the main overlook that offers a view of

Downtown from above the Hollywood Bowl. Later on this summer when my family came to visit me for a few days, we went up on this footpath again with them and were seconds away from being locked in. It would have been an interesting evening up there by ourselves… At any rate, this is a cool little spot that’s looking down on the foothills of Mulholland Drive’s twisted real estate towards Burbank to the north. I do plan on heading up here again for some shots of the city when the weather is clear… but that never happens.

Wouldn't have been a very comfy place to spend the night ๐Ÿ™ Los Angeles, CA

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