Clouds over the Quad

posted by tucker

Clouds, clouds, and more clouds! It has been brought to my attention that there are, in fact, other types of clouds in the world besides the cumulus variety, but I think it is clear from my photographs that it I prefer the fluffy, billowyness and re

sulting drama and contrast that cumulus clouds bring to HDR. While looking for an entirely different photograph in my library, I stumbled across a few RAW images I had taken of the Williams College campus sometime during second semester of my sophomore year. My good friend Sam and I decided to take a walk on that interesting night, and I brought my camera with me and grabbed a few pretty cool shots of the oncoming clouds scudding over Greylock Quad. Of course, these were not meant to be HDR’d; in fact, these were really not meant for much at all… but they were taken in RAW, and had just enough dynamic range in the single image for me to pull a +2 and -2 version out of the RAW converter and throw the 3 into Photomatix. The original shot was taken at ISO 800, as it was rather dark outside, so the resulting HDR was quite noisy, but nothing a little Topaz DeNoise couldn’t handle. It was also shot at f/2.8, which is really not ideal due to the heavy vignetting and loss of sharpness, but again, I was hand-holding in low light. At any rate, the final shot is kinda cool, and one of the few HDRs I have of that gorgeous campus. There were a few I took as actual brackets during my freshman year, but I don’t like any of them so they will not see the light of day on this site. Perhaps when I finish my year off, I will have the chance to really explore that campus and the surrounding landscape with my tripod and do some proper HDR!

My dorm was on the bottom right, a few buildings back. I love the patterns of the receding buildings, as well as of the lights in the rooms.

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