Little Red House on the Coast of Maine

posted by tucker

On the same night that I took this shot of the lighthouse on Pemaquid Point, I wandered down even further, out onto the point itself, and the small red house caught my eye. It wasn’t the greatest sunset in the world, but it made for a tranquil scene. One of the many things I love about Maine, and I’ll say it again, is that scenes like this are ubiquitous up and down the coast; if I were living in Maine full time you would probably not see me post shots like this! But as a city-boy it is places like this that get stuck in my head. I reprocessed this a few times trying to get the white balance right; straight out of the camera the rocks were really, really blue, but I may have overcompensated a bit in this edit? I like it nonetheless.

I have been working furiously on my room these past few weeks, and as of today I am putting the finishing touches on it, including a second coat of the dark red paint and window hardware, a ceiling fan, etc. Possibly as soon as tomorrow I will (finally) have a place to properly sit down and do some real work in the internet world. I plan to do a few things:

-process a bunch of HDRs that I have sitting around and post them; recently I have been posting things that I processed months ago and haven’t been working on new stuff as much as I should
-experiment more with the macro-HDR side of things (more elephants for sam! and I want to do things with water/droplets,etc)
-create a “Desktop Background” page that will link from the sidebar so that you can download your favorite images from the site in a variety of screen sizes
-finally finish off the long-time coming in-depth HDR tutorial, which has been put on the back burner since the inception of the site.

-completely re-theme/re-design the site. This is proving to be quite a challenge, and will require lots of time messing with back end code and things like that. I want to eventually have a landing page, with a rotating set of images in the center that we will update frequently with our favorite shots. Upgrading to a WordPress 3 compatible theme will allow us to have a menubar across the top, and have much better organization for what is currently on the sidebar. I want to also have a place at the bottom of the main landing page where three “random posts” from the past will come up every time you go to it, so that newcomers who may only look at the contents of the first page or so won’t miss out on what we’ve been done for the past few months. The site is quite functional as it is; I just want to make it a bit flashier, and more accessible. The blog will, of course, remain the main attraction of the site.
-depending on viewership trends I may consider adding a system to order prints. I have had several requests in person, and recently got a great photo printer that can do up to 13×19, but who knows. It really depends on how popular the site becomes over time, and if we can keep adding content like we have been able to do. Currently we are getting about 70 views a day and that has been rising drastically; it was only 50 a day a week ago! Yes, these numbers are literally nothing in the big wide world of the web, but to a few college kids with a website, it’s kinda cool to think that a few people around the world come here often to see what’s new.

The bottom line is, don’t be surprised if you see some changes in the coming weeks! Ok, enough of my rambling. Here is the photo!

The red house stands out at sunset on the rocky Maine coastline.

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