Cityline Reflection in Centennial Olympic Park

posted by tucker

This is another handheld from a few weeks ago when Giacomo and I wandered around downtown ended up in Centennial Olympic Park, which is essentially in the heart of Atlanta. I liked the way the Westin Hotel, one of the iconic buildings in the Atlanta skyline, is reflected in the pool of water. People have commented on this shot, telling me that it looks more surreal and processed than normal; perhaps it is because of the different vantage point on the skyline, or the reflection in the water, but I think most likely what people are reacting to is how blue it came out. This is mostly because of the time of day that we were there, right after sunset when there is no longer the warm sunlight , and that particular day was relatively cloud-free, so the remaining light was quite cool, and the blue of the water, the glass on the Westin building, and the sky all come together to be quite strong in the image. I considered reprocessing it to be more warm but honestly, I like the occasional image that screams, “ok, that is clearly not straight photography.”

I love the transition from blue to yellow on the glass on the Westin building, reflecting the sunset behind me.

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