Yosemite: Vernal Falls Basin

posted by andrew

It’s called the Mist Trail for a reason. If the wind is in a disagreeable mood when you get to this part of the trail… you will get soaked. Fortunately we found a not too windy nook where we could set up and look down on the basin. The sun’s position in the sky afforded us a convenient double rainbow to liven up the shot and we sat here for what felt like hours taking variations of this angle on both cameras and in several video formats. Giacomo already posted the Bokeh Edition of this angle so I will add the wider version that lets you see the entire basin and where it becomes the stream of water that eventually reforms into the Merced River. Pretty spot, huh?

Though it was merely a happy accident that the rainbows were present for this shot, I think they may actually steal the show... Yosemite CA

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