Yosemite: Happy Isles Area

posted by andrew

As I keep happening across handfuls of yet to be processed images from the Yosemite trip, it’s fun recalling the specific context in which each was taken. This, for example, was only arrived at after climbing over a couple of trees that had fallen across one side of the path. Also, while I was taking these shots of the river through this section of the park, we were debating driving up to Glacier Point for the sunset having seen the sunset from the north side of the valley wall the night before. We elected to do Tunnel View instead and I’m very happy with the choice. Regardless, I love how this image turned out but of course wish that the sky had been a little more cooperative for us. It just means we’ll have to go back next fall I suppose… and speaking of which, next year’s trip will be planned a week or two later to be in accordance with August’s Perseid Shower so we manage to nab the city-less view of the spectacular meteors streaking across the sky every 20 seconds. Happy Isles and the associated trailheads to Vernal and Nevada Falls via the Mist Trail may be my favorite area of the valley floor because of how gorgeous the Merced River is when it splits the floor up into these heavily wooded slivers of land on the east end of the valley.

Daytime time-lapse for the silky water was facilitated with a 2-stop ND filter, a super tight f/22, and above all else, waiting for an area that was already out of direct sunlight: Yosemite CA

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