Sunset and Moonrise under the Stars

posted by tucker

This is the second of the two shots that I took a month ago in Maine, while waiting for the Northern Lights to appear (which they never did). I had no idea how they would turn out, and I was definitely pleased, especially after I processed the single file into three differently exposed ones, to simulate a ±2 stop, three shot bracket that is normally used for processing into an HDR. The 814 second exposure was long enough to capture the clouds receding, lit by the rising moon (directly behind me opposite the clouds, not in the shot) as the stars began to show. The result looks like something between a sunset and a sunrise, which is really just the clouds receding over time. The dock moves constantly with the water, and it is that movement that causes it to appear fuzzy in the shot.

The reddish orange light on the wooden posts of the dock is coming from our house, all the way back up the hill behind me.

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