Zooming In on the Cityline

posted by tucker

I have been asked to do a few websites recently, and I had a shoot with one of these people tonight to get some portraits and usable banner shots, etc, for their site. He lives on top of one of the condos on 10th street and asked if I thought the roof would be a good place to get some shots. Roofs + night + cityline + a lucky awesome sunset = yes, I told him that would work well. After getting some shots with him (I ditched the flash/reflector setup in favor of the tripod/bracketing approach ๐Ÿ˜€ ) I stayed up there for an extra 2 hours just taking HDRs of various angles of the cityline as the sun set, changing lenses every once in a while. I have been really exploring HDR with the 70-200mm, and this is one of those. It is admittedly at 70mm; the ones taken at 200mm weren’t as compelling but I do have some 200mm ones from Paul’s apartment the other night that will make it up here at some point. There were also some fun wide shots from tonight as well, but this one stuck out as the one that needed to be processed immidiately.

It's really fun to go in close on the windows and see the same cabinents, light, and pictures in room after room...

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