Boats at Rest in Rockland, Maine

posted by tucker

Rockland is a great little town in Maine, picturesque, on the coast, and defined by its harbor. There is an annual boat show that takes place there, drawing large crowds, but we went on a different night for dinner and I had an hour or so to walk around beforehand to take some photos. Not wishing to be held down by a tripod, I decided once again to go hand-held and the more I do it, the more I like it. If there is enough light to get all 3 of the exposures above 1/30th of a second or so, Photomatix will take care of the rest in terms of the slight adjustments that need to be done to align the shots. These boats are most likely seasonal, pulled out of the water during the time of the year when the owners are away… but for all I know they are ownerless, for sale, or in storage… I just liked the way they looked! Lobster boats and lighthouses are two things that are iconic of Maine, and it is hard to travel in the state without seeing them constantly, either along the coast, or references to them in merchandise, store names, etc in the inland┬ácities. And of course some cooperative clouds don’t hurt!

Civilian pleasure boats, like the sailboat on the right, sit next to working lobster boats on land and in the water.

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