Going Downtown

posted by tucker

Giacomo and I were bored and in I was in desperate need of new material (Giacomo’s computer has been out of commission for a few weeks now and I’m assuming once he gets it working he’s still got a ton from Yosemite and Italy to process and post) so we decided to drive into the heart of downtown Atlanta, to Centennial Olympic Park. The area itself dates back to the 1996 Olympics here, and I hadn’t been there since the games when I was 6 years old… I’m fairly positive of this, because it seemed entirely transformed to me. It’s not the World of Color show, but it’s still pretty cool. The park contains a lot of grass for running, picnics, and events, as well as monuments, and other fountains, but the main attraction is the olympic ring fountain, that well-known logo with five interlocked circles. Each circle is made up of small fountains that create different synchronized patterns, and as the sun goes down they begin to light up different colors. All in all it makes for a nice place to sit and actually enjoy being in the middle of the city, something that is hard to do in Atlanta, especially during the summer. The sky wasn’t awesome, but the fountain is the main attraction anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

The fountain in Centennial Olympic Park begins to light up as the natural light fades away.

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