Yosemite: Tunnel View, pre-sunset

posted by andrew

It’s always refreshing to suddenly realize there are dozens of Yosemite HDRs sitting around waiting to process. Tunnel View is probably the most iconic view in the whole park. There are three entrances that all feed into the same east end of the valley, but only the southern most of these routes passes through the tunnel. Upon exiting the passageway, visitors are slammed with a jaw-dropping view that showcases Yosemite’s most famous landmarks all at the same time. In the image below, El Capitan, the distant Half Dome, and the closer Bridal Veil Falls frame the famous valley. Regarding the HDR image itself, this one in particular is special because Giacomo and I felt it necessary (and by “necessary” I couldn’t mean more of the opposite) to use six shots to cover a 14-stop range from -7 to +7. It was uncalled for to say the least but pretty much made it impossible to not have enough material to bring out or tweak any level of exposure within the image. The sunset timing of this exact same angle is in the works…

Not a whole lot to say. Classic angle on a classy place: Yosemite CA

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