Gardens at the Getty

posted by andrew

Reaching back to my visit at the Getty at the end of July, this is a view of the main structures from across the gardens. Ghostbusters had to be called in to deal with the nasties running across the path to the bottom left, but in all honesty, it’s actually pretty fun to have to deal with that on this small scale, but then again only if you know you have the material to handle it. Fortunately, I did, and they went away no problem. Thanks to a CPL, the sky was able to adopt a “more interesting than solid blue” quality. LA is cloudless 99% of the time which is great for a lot of things but annoying when it comes to taking pictures that include skies. Regardless, the Getty Center has enough natural beauty in its gardens to make up for it.

The Gardens at the Getty Center are gorgeous. Actually, the whole place is. There are about 5 places around the outside of the garden area like the one where this was taken from where there are deliberate gaps in the trees to your side so you can see the buildings up the hill framed by the trees. Convenient. Beverly Hills CA

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