Disneyland: Minutes Before the Fireworks

posted by andrew

Before heading over to California Adventure for World of Color, we had enough time to see the fireworks show in Disneyland. However, this shot is obviously not aimed at the fireworks area. Remembering a shot I had seen a long time ago on stuckincustoms, I decided that I really wanted to try something similar. We quickly saw that ghosting would be an issue and I’ve tried somewhat to retain the details of the seated people nearest me by pulling that data from whichever of the three shots was clear and masking it in. The areas to the right and the immediate bottom of the frame are places where I wanted to preserve the motion present in the scene since getting a single clean shot was impossible due to the people rushing to find a place to sit and enjoy the fireworks. I believe Trey’s shot was from DisneyWorld but I really like was Disneyland was able to offer up here. Main Street in CA is still just as magical at night (maybe more, actually) as its bigger counterpart across the country.

It's not uncommon for crowds like this to form two hours in advance for the fireworks over Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland: Anaheim CA

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