Cafe Verona, @ La Brea and 2nd

posted by andrew

We’ve loved Cafe Verona ever since we moved to the Park La Brea area and have tried to go there about once a week. Excellent outdoor dining experience with awesome food and a there’s-something-special-about-this-but-I’m-not-sure-what atmosphere on the patio. As far as we know, it’s owned and operated by Celestino Elice and his family and you can tell in just one visit that they love having the place. In fact, they’ll be the ones taking care of you. Elice has been there every time we’ve gone, either playing seating host, delivering entrees, uncorking wine bottles, or simply tidying up. If you’re looking to have a nice Italian meal one night and are sick of Olive Garden-level establishments, please please please go visit our friends at Cafe Verona sometime. I promise you’ll want to go back as often as we do.

Amazing outdoor dining, I love coming here to enjoy the fettucini al salmone: Los Angeles CA

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