Skatepark Bail

posted by andrew

Just past the American Ninja Warrior taping you can find Venice’s skatepark. It’s always bustling with a huge variety of skaters with some (and arguably the best) as young as 6 years old. Last time I was shooting single-shot HDRs I was facing the other direction, watching the street performers climb on top of each other. Venice begs for the single-shot approach because there is so much ACTION here: the basketball courts, the mini-tennis courts, the skatepark, the street performances, and the general bustle of a place that’s forever crowded. The skatepark is one of my favorite places to find single-shot material and I expect plenty more fun images to come from here in the future…

Not everybody is a pro here. This guy got a little fancy and had to bail. This area attracts a small ring of spectators and the skaters politely take turns taking this run. It's really nice to see people from all over having fun enjoying a common pastime: Venice Beach CA

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