The Canals of Venice (Beach)

posted by andrew

American Ninja Warrior held a live taping in Venice on Saturday. Not really sure whether it’s for a season premier or what–don’t follow the show and don’t really plan to–but I know the premise and we figured it would be a fun way to spend the afternoon. Some 300 people ran the obstacle course but only a handful made it. Actually, one guy cut his head pretty badly and they had to shut it down for a little while to clean it up. I was debating whether he would be partaking in Venice’s special “medical wares” when I noticed that Venice actually had canals. It wasn’t just a pretty name, the place really does have canals navigable by canoes, kayaks, etc. As an added bonus, there were a few clouds in the sky on Saturday (the rarity of which is only really understandable by anyone who’s spent some time in LA) so I was fortunate enough to have a non-empty sky for once.

Venice is a lovely place. It's easy to see where the name came from, but I don't really know why the place has canals...? Venice Beach CA

4 Responses to “The Canals of Venice (Beach)”

  1. Troy Turner says:

    I was google searching and found this image. I am happy to see that the dock I built landed in the center of your photo. Nice work.

    • andrew says:

      yes! the scene was so amazing to see i couldn’t help but get a shot of it. venice is a very cool place with lots to see, i plan on heading back for more next chance i get.

  2. grant says:

    Hi !!

    Please check my site and let me know if you’d be open to including your venice canal shot in a short scene.

    Amazing shot!



    • andrew says:

      Hi Grant –

      I saw your site, please feel free to include the image on your page. Feel free to share a link once it’s implemented, would love to see how it’s used!